Why Lender Alert? Three main reasons.

1. There is no charge for using or commenting about anything here at Lender Alert.

2. Before you borrow, wouldn’t it be nice to know the “personality” of the company in case you fall behind or have problems with your loans or cards? Which lenders are less willing to deal with customers problems? What lenders are are not very pleasant or helpful? These and many other factors can make business a headache when dealing with a company.

3. Wouldn’t it have been nice to know, that the company has a reputation of poor customer satisfaction, before hearing it from a friend or a news report.

There are many more reasons why it’s beneficial to find out what others know about a lender, before entering into a long term loan, mortgage or getting credit cards from that lender. Borrowing money long term can be profitable and comfortable for both parties or it can become a long term nightmare.

You get inside information about doing business with a company, exactly as a friend would tell you and remember you don’t pay anything. We simply ask you to use it and tell others about it. That’s cheep at half the price.

So this is where we Welcome you to get, give and comment about lenders that you or someone you know has done business with.

Welcome to Lender Alert. Before you borrow or take on that next mortgage or credit card, find out what kind of experience others have had.

We will include helpful and informative articles on loans, mortgages, credit cards and the economy. We will cover what you should be able to expect from a lender and what is generally expected as a borrower, and are planning an alphabetical log for you, to seek out a lender and find out what others have found out before you.

So post your comments and remember that lenders come in all shapes and sizes, but so do Borrowers,

Lets be fair, facts are facts, so if it was your fault then read on, but if it was their fault then by all means let it out!

It will definitely make you feel better and relieve a little stress also.

Now stop by our “BORROWING NIGHTMARES, BEWARE.” page and let your consumer opinions¬† be told.